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Museum Hill National Historic District - St. Joseph Missouri


to the official website of the Museum Hill Neighborhood Association in HISTORIC ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI!

HISTORIC ST. JOSEPH  is like NO OTHER PLACE you will ever experience and those of us in the Museum Hill Neighborhood feel that we have the "CROWN JEWELS" in a town of such extraordinary historic and architectural merit, that all others pale by comparison! 

Our wonderful sister neighborhood organizations might disagree, (and they do have some "killer" architecture of their own) but we do all agree with the fact that HISTORIC ST. JOSEPH is the one place to be if you are a fan of VICTORIAN AMERICA!!

   HISTORIC ST. JOSEPH, Missouri, home of the Pony Express, the outlaw Jesse James, and Eugene Fields' Lovers Lane, is also host to one of the nations most spectacular collections of Victorian Architecture. Museum Hill Neighborhood, alone,  boasts over 300 homes from the Victorian era, and spans from 9th Street to 15th and from Faraon Street to Messanie.  At the Center of Museum Hill is an 1879 Gothic Revival Castle. It is called the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion and overlooks historic downtown Saint Joseph.

     Museum Hill Neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it’s historic preservation and restoration is overseen by the Saint Joseph Landmark Commission. The Museum Hill Neighborhood Association unites a culturally diverse and family oriented community of people who work to preserve its unique architectural treasures, and to educate others of its stories and rich history.

     Here, on our website, we strive to make available as much, usable information about Museum Hill as we can. When you navigate through our pages, you will find: real estate listings of our historic houses, newsletter archives of our association, our community calendar, and contributions by guest editors to our blog. We also post links to other sites and communities with interests in historic home restoration, or life in Historic Saint Joseph, Missouri  in general. Our photo galleries continue to grow with images of historic buildings, life and style on Museum Hill, and other contributions from the community.

     We hope that you will enjoy our site, and perhaps fall in love with old, HISTORIC ST. JOE like we did. If you like what you see, and dream of living the life fantastic, there's always room for you here!  For those of us that have moved here, from all "corners of the globe", we would challenge you to find any other place so full of Victorian history, architecture and WELCOME as what you will find in HISTORIC ST. JOSEPH
in the great Heartland of America!

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The Museum Hill Neighborhood Association is a residential homeowners association, formed on 11 July 1985, of the Museum Hill Historic District (est. January 1986) of the City of Saint Joseph, Missouri. We believe that celebrating and preserving our rich history, holds the key to a dazzling future. We believe that Preservation promotes Progress, and we gladly invite you to join in the joys of our heritage.



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